Communities consist of families and families consist of people, So build everyone.




This program follows all state and local requirements for proper housing and placement needs, while also enforcing The Good Word Foundation's services and programs that are geared toward the building or rebuilding of the individual utilizing our services. 

Cultural Diversity Training


These hands on and academic workshops are aimed at developing and fostering the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to educate individuals and communities on cultural sensitivities and awareness, in order to properly engage diversities in our societies. 

Mentorship Program


The Good Word Mentorship program is a one on one and/or collective service that will bring knowledge and experience together to be able to benefit the individuals who lack or need a more refined level of understanding.

Employment Services and Support


Our employment services are aimed toward helping people at the level they are on. 

The services include

1. Long term employment opportunities

2. Part time employment opportunities

3. Entrepreneurial opportunities

In each field we offer support based on the individual's needs and the special case factors. i.e. mental health, disability, etc... to ensure the greatest success rate.

Educational Services and Support


We provide direction and assistance to direct our clients to all levels of educational services and support in partnership with The CRCD, LATTC, and the Underground Scholars.

A.A / N.A Services


Alcoholics and Narcotics anonymous is an outside program used to provide drug and alcohol counseling, rehabilitation, and support.

Eat to Live Workshop


Eat to live is educational workshops about food labels, ingredients, proper food nutrition, healthy eating and active lifestyles while providing access to natural foods and healthy cooking methods.

Manhood Training


Manhood training is tailored to each person on an individual basis, with an overall curriculum set in place that promotes both widely accepted and cuturally relevant practices aimed toward building and reinforcing positive mental health, self esteem, work ethic, responsibility for ones actions, concern for self, family, and community, value for ones word, respect for the elderly, and an overall feeling of duty to oneself and to others with regards to promoting benefit to all that we come in contact with.